This is my Home: a View from the River

This past weekend Mr Bama's parents were in town for a short visit.  I always love when people from out of town visit because:
  1. we get some QT with people we love spending time with but never get to see
  2. we get to play tourist in our own city
Mr. Bama was in charge of plans for what to do the Saturday they were visiting.  So being one for adventure (and conspiring with his dad) he decided to get tickets for a river boat cruise along the Missisippi River.  Quite frankly, it was awesome to see NOLA and the riverfront this way
St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and the
Moonwalk from the Mississippi

The Jackson Barracks


The Beauregard house at Chalmette Battlefield (where
Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans)

Mr Bama & I on the Creole Queen

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