Project: This is My Home

Some exciting news has come down the pipe here in the Bama household.  Ok - exciting AND nerve wracking wrapped into one lovely little package.

I'm not sure if i mentioned it in the past, but Mr. Bama's job requires him to move every 2-3 years.  Promotion or jobs don't change this fact, so until he decides to completely leave his profession, we'll be picking up and moving to another part of the country every few years.  Unfortunately this means that our time in New Orleans is up come April -- a fact that crushes me to the core.  New Orleans was a dream assignment that so many people in Mr. Bama's profession NEVER have an opportunity to experience.  However, we were given the opportunity to call this  amazing city home for a little, and during that time we got to see the inner-working of a city that really suffers from being misunderstood.  So many people think it is a drunken fest (yes, if you're in the FQ), a city where crime is rampant (yes, in some parts), a city that is gluttonous or a city where you party 24-7 (once again, true in the FQ).  But it is so much more than that and has stolen my heart.

So I'm beginning a project that I welcome any of my fellow bloggers and followers to partake in on their own way - whether their blogs, their facebook albums, their twitter accounts, etc.  Its called Project: This is My Home.  Over the next few months I'm going to be photo/video documenting my home, my neighborhood, my city .. the things I see everyday that Ive never quite taken much note of but know that I will miss when I leave New Orleans.  And I plan on doing this at every place I live -- because in my life my home will be a collection of where I live and where I have lived - the people I have met, the sights I've experienced, the little things that I've never noticed until I stopped and looked around.
So what makes where you live YOUR home?

PS - I'll be releasing where we're moving soon once it's more solidified.  Its about 95% sure, but theres always the 5% chance that something will change, so I've decided to keep it underwrap until we're positive!

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