Our eventful weekend-

Step Backward: on Saturday during the day Bear developed a nasty, gross hacking cough.  Not the ex-smoker type from before, but rather "hey I don't need a lung, let me cough it up" cough, partnered with the occasional upchucking of clear liquid and foam (hey, no one said this blog is free from occasional gross-ness).  The poor baby sounded awful and looked even more pitiful.  To add insult to injury, out vet was closed for the weekend and the emergency vet in the area has a horrible reputation (plus outrageous fees).  The most we could offer to our sad pup was a quiet, stress-free environment and a constant source of cleaning up his icky mess every 10 mins.  Pet MD and every other source says "congrats, your pup has an upper respiratory infection!"  Nothing serious, but still something to be concerned about
"I sorry I sick.  I sorry I upchuck clear gunk
on uz new house shuz"
Step Backward: Pup and I get no sleep do to his upchucck-age every 3 hours.  Mr. Bama sleeps right through it all, lucky duck.

Step Forward:  Bear gets enough sleep so that the next day (sunday), hes not moping, hes not upchucking, he's just coughing.  Yippee!!  I'm still taking him to the vet tomorrow, but at least he's acting like his ol' amazingly chipper self.  Bonus- i dont have to clean up everything every 10 mins!

Hope you'r weekend was much less eventful (in a good way) than ours.  Hopefully the trip to the vet tomorrow will start the process of kicking this dumb sickness in the butt once & for all!

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