A Happy White Christmas and a NOLA New Year

A few pictoral tidbits from our recent travels to VA for Christmas and then back to NOLA to ring in 2011!

One of the highlights was being able to experience a VERY rare white Christmas in eastern VA.  when all was said and done, we had 14.2 inches !
Starting to snow Christmas night.
what we woke up to the next morning. - GORGEOUS!
Bear's first time experiencing the snow.  To say
he loved it would be an understatement
resting after an awesome time in the snow.
the rents house under 12+ inches
One of the small trees in the yard next to our house that
was lit up for christmas and is carrying the
beautiful burden of 12+ inches of snow
The unprecedented snowfall delayed our return to New Orleans, but after driving 18 hours straight through (no one said we werent crazy) we made it and were ready to ring in the new year.  My little sis even endured the crazy drive to spend the holiday with us.

Mr. Bama and I in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel

with the little sis.  Can you tell she's in a sorority?
 (love you sis!)
View of Jackson Square (St. Louis Cathedral is to the
left of this pic) while everyone waits for the gigantic
fleur de lis to drop above Jax brewery

Hubs and little sis!
Little sis is thrilled to ring in 2011

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