Some Things (People) I Will Just Never Understand

This 5th of July, Mr Bama and I decided to take Bear to the Dog Levee to go run around and "be free."  Perfect, because a) there is a shortage of dog parks in the city, b) everyone in the city has a postage stamp for a yard, c) the newest dog park, which is actually pretty cheap to join, opened in March and already reached its max membership by April.  So we really really appreciate the NOLA cops kind of looking the other way with the leash law so pups can just go run, have fun and their owners can relax for a little. We had a spectacular time, Bear met up and played w/ some friends, he went a teeny tiny bit farther than he'd ever gone before into the river (he's still pretty nervous about wake and swimming) and I worked on my tan a little bit.  We were walking back to the car along the top of the levee when we noticed a woman, man and a super fluffy-bear-like dog on a leash walking toward us.  Now note: Bear is still a baby and in his mind he wants to be friends with everyone.  We've been very successful at making him sit or lay down rather than running up, all willy-nilly to whatever dog looks like a fun playmate to him.  So seeing furry bear-like dog, he gets all excited, sits down and waits.  The couple and the dog come close, and Bear then slowly gets up, walks over calmly with a very happy-wagging tail, to say hi and ask the dog to be his new BFF.  Then the rather large and in charge lady goes "UHHH UNNN, nah, no no, get your dog away.  My dog's mean and he's a fighter."  Mr. Bama says, as he grabs Bear's collar "Oh, I'm sorry, he's just a puppy trying to say hi."  The lady then retorts "Well I don't care, when your dog comes charging (read: slowly walking) at my dog, I don't want him to make my dog aggressive." 

I seriously just stood there with my mouth open.  Have you seen my lanky giraffe, err, puppy?  The worst thing I think he's ever done is bark too much at the puffy white cotton ball-dogs that walk past our window.  He is also scared of ripples in water and our Swiffer.  And besides -- What are you doing, miss thang, bringing a dog that YOU OPENLY CLAIM IS AGGRESSIVE and a "FIGHTER" to a place where you can see, there are many happy friendly dogs running around OFF THEIR LEASH making nice and just being goofy dogs?   And this is why I openly become agitated by stupid people that I will never understand.  Or maybe I could just lower my frustration level and join the stupid masses... and then I could train Bear to be a fighter.

"I love mah alchy"

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