Back and Busy Busy

Last week, we returned from our much needed and incredibly relaxing vacation on the Outer Banks to our crazy-is-normal lives.  Design projects have been taking up the small amount of time when I'm not at my regular job, so blogging has definitely taken a backstage to everything else.  But I've decided for this post to give you, my lovely loyal readers, a little recap of our spectacular vacation.
Puppy's first trip to the Beach -- He loves the sand, hates the water (sadness)

puppy and Mr. Bama soaking up the rays.

Bear and my parent's dog, Joey, playing in the backyard.  Man our Pup is lanky

did someone say "icecube?"

Bama family picture

Enjoying some QT out at our fave family resturant in Corolla - Northbanks B&G

And that pretty much sums up our vacation - simple, relaxing and perfect.  It was also Bear's first long distance car-ride to and from North Carolina - 19 hours!!  And he handled it like a champ.  We also noticed that Bear has a funny little habit....

Oh puppy, your ear twitches are almost as awkward as you are.....

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Karen said...

Wow, I got back from Corolla last night -- being reminded of it was bittersweet! It's my favorite place on Earth so it's hard to leave behind. Looks like you guys had a good time though!

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