Playing Catch-Up

The 10 biggest things that happened in absentia from the blogosphere

1 - I learned to make pasta... from scratch.  Yay for BB&B's clearance section and my husband being stealth finding the Kitchen Aid mixer attachments for a significantly reduced price.  I think he may have regretted the find the next day when all inches of our kitchen counters were covered with drying spaghetti, cappellini and fettucinne.  I didnt manage to take a picture, since my hands were covered in flour, but it was still pretty amusing.

2 - the shelves in the living room are hung.  We had issues w/ stuff falling off of them b/c of them being slightly not-level, but after additional bracing, we think everything's safe.  Let's hope

3 - I had my first post-grad interview.  It didnt go the way I'd planned (yes, I'm bummed), but talk about an awesome wake-up call!

4- Mr. Bama turned 28 and we had a really fun party for him that included King Cake.  Guess who got the Baby Jesus in his piece.?  Yup, you guessed right.
the cake's on fire
 blowing out the candles!

5 - Bear has gone from being shy wall flower of puppy playgroup to standout social butterfly.  He's also gained 5 lbs since we adopted him.  He's still small, but his ginormous paws tell a different story of whats to come.
Here he is as I'm trying to teach him how to sit by my side while I work at the computer (hence the leash.)  Its definitely easier said then done, but I dont like leaving him in the crate the whole time.

- Alabama won the National Championship (Mr. Bama says Bear was the good luck charm) and the Saints won the NFC Championship.  Next up - Saints winning the Super Bowl.  Who dat!?

7 - my computer's been revived from the dead.  My iPhone however had a tragic encounter w/ a friend's glass of Guiness at a bar.

Two days and $200 later my phone's back (well, a shiny new replacement phone's back, better than it exploding from the constant buzzing and uncontrollable levels of heat it was emitting)

8 - I've decided to follow in my mom's late 90's steps and attempt to grow herbs.  Hopefully my venture is a tad bit more successful than hers.  Fingers crossed.

9 - we finally made a trek to the awesome bar/restuarant on our block and met practically all of our neighbors (who are either regulars or actual employees) .  One things for sure - our neighborhood is amazing because everyone knows everyone else and makes a point to introduce themselves to newbies like me and Mr Bama.  It really makes us love our neighborhood that much more.

10 - I'm 97% ready to open one pound design on etsy.  I just need to order some boxes and get a few formatting issues finished.  Then off we go!

so now everyone's up to date, phew! Lets hope I do better in keeping the blog updates coming.

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Marisa said...

eeek! Things are going well for you!! Can wait till your etsy shop is up and running!!!!

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