Finally, some home yumminess

So in the insanity of training the newest addition to our family (it has been a lesson, rather many many lessons in a row, more so for me and Mr Bama than Bear.) I realized that I never followed up on the decorational state of our home.  So here we go!

The bedroom- yes, i realize that the walls to the R & L of the picture are bare.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do there.

The window seat to the left of the bed -
the initials are from behind the bar at our wedding - Mr. Bama put those there bc we had no idea what to do with them.  The seat cushion was originally a sun-faded pukey pink but I took one of Mr. Bama's old twin bed sheets that was a pretty navy and just folded it around the cushion - voila, new cover!  I also love how the blue of the wall and the green of the tree outside are so complementary.

Our chest of drawers -
Another example of Mr. Bama's bachelor furniture.  While totally not my style, it does the job for now.

Our living room -

yeah it looks cluttered, but we're combining two people's stuff into approx 900sq ft (and one of us came from a 2,000 sq ft house).  Once again I LOVE the guillotine window that I FINALLY got to open completely.  When fully open, you can walk through it (!!)

Turning around, this is the view of the kitchen -
I was really hesistant about the bikes at first when Mr. Bama proposed them being hung like that, but it is definitely a conversation piece that is also practical since we don't have a garage to house them.  The galley kitchen isn't the best  use of space when you have two people in the kitchen at the same time, but I love having more space and SOOO much storage. 

We also have a second bedroom/office that is really a disaster because we have lots of books and papers, but no shelving.  Someday it will be organized.

So that's it for now.  We've still got alot of stuff to hang, shelves to mount and some places to touch-up paint, but all-in-all it's done, much to my relief!

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Marisa said...

this is incredible! come decorate my place!

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