A Fresh, Green Crescent City Morning

One thing I absolutely love about our new home is the Cresent City Farmer's Market - the pride and joy of New Orlean's fresh food. I'm used to only having access to fresh, local produce & dairy products on Saturdays during the summer. But the Crescent City Farmer's Market is every Saturday & Tuesday and year round!
Here's some of today's Fresh Produce bounty:

Some Creole Tomatoes, Kale (my newly discovered favorite green), Romaine and a freshly baked wheat loaf. I also picked up some potted herbs, lima beans and spinach fettucine. I usually grab some gulf Lousiana prawns and lump crab meat, but we already have a colony of little prawns sitting in our freezer, waiting to be eaten.

I also picked up a pretty fall bouquet - lillies and sunflowers!

But my absolute FAVORITE part of the Farmer's Market is the Smith Creamery truck. Located in Mount Hermon, LA, this dairy's milk and butter are wonderful -- but their chocolate milk is like drinking liquid dessert. It is sinfully delicious and my husband begs me to buy some every week. Their products are local, pasteurized (but non-homogenized, so it's super-creamy) and the milk is from grass-fed, happy, grazing cows (which equals more cortisol-fighting CSA, Omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotine, antioxitents, and CKA!). Its truly like milk from supercows.

So if you are ever in the New Orleans area on Saturdays or even during the week, be sure to stop by the Crescent City Farmer's Market. You will definitely be pleased and surprised with everything New Orleans has to offer!

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Marisa said...

what a great market!!! i want to come visit NOW!

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