another reason why I love TJ Maxx/ Home Goods

I admit, I get such a tremendous high from finding amazing fashion steals at TJ Maxx (my $300 Ralph Lauren silk seersucker skirt I got for $30), and during the planning process I've learned to apply this to my wedding shopping.
Especially for my centerpieces

When I originally sat down with my floral designer extraordinaire in March, we had discussed using square, low glass vases I would rent from her for $5 a pop to house the table centerpieces. Five of the bridesmaids bouquets would be used as the centerpieces on the head table and we'd have 9 other round 10 top tables to decorate from there.
Oh how things change in 5 months. I've become super budget conscious, but also have really defined the look for the wedding - vintage inspired travel. I thought "why would we rent identical square vases for a fee that we'd never see again when we could jazz things up and BUY 10 unique vases for a similar amount and then turn around and sell them to get our money back (and maybe keep one for ourselves)." Using the idea of vintage as our guide, my mom and I were in TJ Maxx/Home Goods wandering around as usual and happened upon 10 Different apothecary style jars of different heights and shapes for b/t $3 and $10. They all have a similar neck opening diameter and similar bowl depth to make my florist's life a little easier. I'm thinking they will make really pretty and unique vases for our tables.

Here are my beauties:
Which in a little over 45 days they will look something like this:

(picture courtesy of theknot.com)

We've also nixed the idea of a head table and made it so we'd have 2 round tables for the wedding party just like the rest of the tables. I really didn't like the idea of making the significant others of the wedding party sit at another table away from their partner, so we decided against it! That means we've got 11 total tables to outfit. Six centerpieces will be made specifically for the larger apothecary jar vases and 5 of the jars will hold the bridesmaids bouquets-turned-centerpieces. It all sounds so good in theory, my florist is on board (and she has always created such beautiful arrangements at past weddings) so lets cross our fingers and hope everything works out!

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