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Bear and I are heading back to the States for a few months this weekend - after some recent events, I realized how much we needed to be back there to be with family and give my soul a much needed rest.  While driving to meet some friends the other day, I got really excited about some things that I had missed from home in the almost 9 months since moving to Germany. Namely:
  • Kombucha
  • stores open on Sunday
  • a yard for Bear
  • Television + movies in English
  • being able to watch YouTube (darn you GEMA)
  • lack of a 19% VAT tax
  • not having to drive 40 mins to see friends
  • going shopping 
  • T.J.Maxx & Target
  • free Wi-Fi!
  • having a reliable car
  • family
  • being able to read labels in stores
  • not having to check conversion rates (instantly followed by a feeling of depression)
But then I realized there's a lot I'm also going to miss
  • not having to worry if your food has GMOs in it
  • not having to worry if your meat has growth hormones and antibiotics in it
  • alcohol not having a negative connotation 
  • the autobahn and lack of a speed limit (my lead foot will miss this the most)
  • the ice cream, coffee and baked goods
  • taking Bear into restaurants / clothing stores / etc. and no one being afraid of him
  • feeling enjoyment in the smallest things: i.e.: while I may not being able to read labels in stores, I am sure as heck able to sing along with Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga playing on the speakers in perfect English.  Small victories.
I've been frustrated a lot with our situation of late, mainly because the distance (from friends here, from family in the states and from my husband 3,00 miles the other direction) has made life pretty boring.  We're ready to go home, and I can't wait. 

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