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Hi all,

fantastic Mr. Bama bought me a Kindle for our 2 year anniversary and I have read more books in the 2ish weeks since then than I have in the past 2 years.

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Dear Liz Lemon - the chill-ness and humor about how you've dealt with everyday things is refreshing.  I don't agree with you in everyday politics, etc, but goodness you make me laugh.  Thanks!

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I caught myself often looking at Bear in a new light while reading this book.  A dog's vision of his point in life through number of different  reincarnations (cats may have nine lives, but pups have lives until they find the meaning of life).  Make sure you read past life #1 -  I almost closed the book and decided I was done after how sad I was with that chapter in Buddy/Bailey/Ellie/Bear(!)'s life.  The rest of the book makes up for it - a definite must for dog lovers.

exhibit c)

What an extraordinary book - I had seen it on the shelves in airports mostly and wondered, but never bought.  Finally, I purchased the e-book and I'm so pleased that I did -  1 day - 2 people - 20 years.  It's a little long and takes a bit to get into the gist of the book, but David Nicholls does a wonderful job telling the story of how two people's lives weave together.  Great, lovely, heart-wrenching read.  And joy!  It is now a movie, being released in August (I didn't know when I read the book that Anne Hathaway would be in the movie - but after seeing the trailer - she totally is Emma in the novel... beautifully cast).  Here's the trailer below:

So now I'm onto my next read -- and I'm at a loss.  Any ideas?  Have you any suggestions of what I should choose as my next book to purchase with my awesome anniversary gift? Many Thanks n advance, dear readers!

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