MIA - for a few reasons

Merry Post-Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Happy Almost-2010!

yes, I've been away from the blog-o-sphere for a while, and with good reason.

a) my computer harddrive apparently has bit the dust, according to Dell.  I'm still trying to figure out how to salvage my precious design programs (photoshop/revit/ autocad) without having to pay for new (and very expensive, non-student rate) licenses.  Any ideas?  Til then, Im on my hubby's computer, which I've learned doesn't like the way I type and therefore omits words, letters, etc.  Joy.

b) the house moving is coming down to the wire.  The "Big Stuff" is out of the apt, but we've still got a bunch of random piles of stuff that needs moving, plus some things  that we need to sell (a couch & chest of drawers).  I'm really over it and cannot wait to be done.  I've already had one of my first "I hate moving, This is awful! My home is a mess and therefore my life is a mess" breakdowns. Not good since my husband's job makes it so we'll be moving every 2-3 years.  I'm hoping it just gets easier w/ every move.  Ugh.  It also made it so we weren't really able to decorate anything for the holiday season (and Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday).  I did mange to hang a wreath on the door and hang two stockings on the mantle, but no Christmas tree, much to my dismay.  Our half-decorated mantle:

I think the hammer, the unhung mantle picture, the lego house next to the nativity and the boxes stacked up infront of the fireplace really add something to the festive holiday ambience of the entire space.  Lesson - DO NOT MOVE DURING THE HOLIDAYS.

c) We made the 7 hour trek to Alabama for Christmas.  It was very relaxing, casual and a perfect much needed escape from the moving insanity here.  Below is the hubby in his fave Christmas gift (I think)

Yup - its an Alabama Snuggie that his sister gave him.  Perfect for all of those frigid New Orleans nights.

As for me, my wonderful husband bought me a perfect Kate Spade handbag that I love. 
The sapphire blue makes it multi-seasonal, it's big enough to stash everything and its leather/fabric mix makes it very functional & practical.

(picture from amazon.com)

And thats the wrap up!   Back to finishing up moving and prepping for our New Years extravaganza (or just our little taste of our first NOLA NYE).  Tata til 2010!

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