Sir Mix-a-lot

My MIL and FIL are absolutely wonderful. They are so fun, incredibly easy to talk to and took me in as their Daughter in Law even before Bama Boy proposed. MIL is also a spectacular baker -- even owned a bakery at one point -- and taught her son how to bake as well. This is perfect, since I can barely make cut and bake cookies.

Not only did my In-Laws give us a spectacular rehearsal dinner for the wedding, but my MIL insisted that she purchase us the Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer since she absolutely adores hers. Mil & FIL called it in to the store, we swang by to pick it up and lo-and-behold, we discover that they bought us the 90th anniversary Mixer. It is GORGEOUS!
So we put it to the test - whole wheat flour sugar cookies for dessert. I think my husband died and went to heaven when using this mixer -- he kept saying in his super-excited manner "this thing is amazing" and "the glass bowl is perfect, nothing sticks to it!" Here's my handsome husband being his normal self making cookie balls out of the dough:

Here's the final product of his labor:
Incredibly tasty and actually fairly healthy (in comparison with other sugar cookies). Now I'm on a mission to find Cooking recipes that require a mixer so I can join in on the stand-mixer fun. Feel free to share any mixer recipes, baking or cooking, that you may have!

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