Crisis averted... for now

Wow, so it was bound to happen. I was 99.9% done w/ my invite design and then my computer died. No joke - screen went black and everything shut down. So I restarted and then got one of the scariest things anyone who relies heavily on computers will ever see: the blue screen of death. Thats right, apparently my computer decided it wouldnt load my hardrive. No if, ands, or buts, just an answer of "no, screw you, I dont want to work and you can't do anything to make me work."
SOOO, enter scene of me, 11:45 on a friday night, on the phone with Dell with a technician telling me that my hard drive may be fried. Not a problem, except for a) i suck at backing up my files.... b) I have a lot of programs, like Photoshop, Autodesk and such that arent cheap and I downloaded from the internet rather than have them send me a CD and c) I have a TON of wedding junk that I put off b/c of grad school that I can't really have a ton of downtime. This issue coupled with my recent bridesmaid dress crisis (a topic for another post) almost caused me to go into sobbing bridezilla breakdown mode. Thank heavens it didnt get that far, but it was close. ANYHOW 4 days later, my computer has miraculously been saved by the Dell technician people and I've subscribed to an online backup company that with the press of a button all of my documents will be safe and sound. I'll still have to figure out what to do w/ my precious programs, but for now, the document safety won't be a worry and my computer is happy again.On the brightside, at least this didnt happen during the last few weeks of my final study. That would have royally sucked in more ways than I can express at the moment.

I swear I'm going to need a vacation after the honeymoon to recover from all of this unnecessary wedding stress.

Oh, and about the invites, previews of the design coming soon :-)

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